Cédric Herpson
PhD in Artificial Intelligence


Drapeau-Britannique Drapeau-Français

My research are based upon the concept of autonomy. In this perspective, my work currently focus on 2 aspects : Transfer Learning/Concept Drift and Self-healing systems

  • Transfer learning/Concept drift - Keywords : Generalization, Abstraction, Agent, Transfer learning, Online learning, Concept Drift.
    One of the main properties of the intelligence is its capacity to apply knowledge in a context different than the one in which it was acquired.
    Our work tend to put forward a mono and/or multi-agent architecture allowing to automatically acquire knowledge (relatively) independent of the framework in which they were learned in order to be able to reuse them. The application framwork of strategy games was used for our first work. (see publications)

  • Self-healing - Keywords : Self-healing, Adaptive System, Supervision, Diagnostic, Distributed, Agent, Learning, Probabilist Model.
    Detection, Isolatation, Identification and Reparation are the 4 necessary steps to obtain a selfhealing system.
    As a comparison, a living being, considered as a whole, is selfheal. However, it works only by the action of several entities. As part of my thesis, our works aim to introduce a self-healing formalization that takes into account this distributed notion. At the same time, we design a multi-agent architecture prototype based on our model.
    From our point-of-view, the self-healing property is intrinsic to the problem of the anytime supervision of distributed systems. This application framework was so retained for our evaluations. (see publications)

Other research activities

Conferences and workshops (reviewer)

  • 20th Journées Françaises sur les Systèmes Multi-Agents (JFSMA2012)
  • 11th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and MultiAgent Systems (AAMAS2012)
  • 5th International Symposium on Intelligent Distributed Computing (IDC2011)
  • 13th European Agent Systems Summer School (EASSS'2011)
  • 10th edition of the IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology (IAT'2011)
  • 8th European Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems (EUMAS'2010)
  • 12th International Conference on Discovery Science (DS09)

Other activites

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